A visit to Gösgen

Durch a visit to the hydrogen production site in Gösgen, we could show a small delegation of the Dutch embassy the Docking Stations and tell them about the concept of containerised hydrogen logistics.[more]


Award for hydrogen logistics with Docking Station

We congratulate Hydrospider AG for winning the Swiss Logistics Award 2021 with its concept of hydrogen container logistics. Proud of our Docking Stations which are part of the concept.[more]


Docking Station as a cost saver

New videos show the container deposit oder pickup realised in only a couple of minutes, thus making the Docking Station a real cost saver.[more]


Docking Stations from Lake Geneva to Lake Constance

H2-News features a hydrogen truck crossing Switzerland. The network of hydrogen fuelling stations - equipped with our Docking Stations to store H2 containers - now ranges from Lake Geneva to Lake Constance. [more]


Transhipment within a few minutes

As partner in the EU's Clusters 2.0 project, InnovaTrain has demonstrated an automated container transhipment that can be carried out within a few minutes.[more]


First transport of hydrogen container

Featured on H2-News: the first truck on its way from the production site to a refilling station. With on both sides of the transport Container Docking Stations.[more]


Green hydrogen mobility explained

Our client explaining the business case for green hydrogen mobility in a video also featuring our Container Docking Stations. InnovaTrain is proud to be a supplier for the logistics side of this business. [more]

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