Container transhipment and handling

Products and activities of InnovaTrain AG:

  • ContainerMover

    The ContainerMover is a device installed on a truck chassis for direct container transhipment between truck and train.

    With over 300 000 transhipments a year, the Mover-method has a solid track record. Cost efficient and flexible, it widens the scope for the use of freight trains.

    Thus, new opportunies for sustainable logistics arise.



  • Container Docking Station

    The Container Docking Station is a practical installation with four support legs for ISO containers or swap bodies. Trucks enter to park or pick up the container.

    The installation is a real cost saver as it allows flexible container handling.

    In Switzerland, our Docking Stations are used in a nationwide distribution of hydrogen containers (pictured at the right).
  • Consulting

    InnovaTrain advises clients on how to use the ContainerMover and Container Docking Station in logistic processes.

    We also participate in the international debate on transport, for example as partner in the European Clusters 2.0 project.


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