Container transhipment and handling

Products and activities of InnovaTrain AG:

  • The ContainerMover

    The ContainerMover is an installation on a carrier vehicle for carrying out  container transhipments between road and rail – in both directions.

    The system offers speed and flexibilty, paving the way for a shift to rail transport though cost advantages.

    Our aim to promote cargo trains as a means of transport with (considerably) less CO2-emissions is explained under guiding principle.

  • The Container Docking Station

    The Container Docking Station allows quick parking and picking up of containers and swap bodies directly by the truck.

    Using areas include transhipment, the loading bay or container maintenance – wherever a practical container parking place is needed.
  • Consulting and brain storming

    InnovaTrain advises clients on how to implement the ContainerMover and the ContainerDocking Station into the logistics process.

    We also contribute to the international logistics debate, e.g. as partner in the European Clusters 2.0 project.

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